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Volume 11, Number 1, April 2020

Editorial Board and papers
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Carolina Marchant and Víctor Leiva
Starting a new decade of the Chilean Journal of Statistics in COVID-19 pandemic times with new editors-in-chief.
Pages 1-2.  Download

Luz Milena Zea Fernandez and Thiago A. N. de Andrade
The erf-G family: new unconditioned and log-linear regression models.
Pages 3-23.  Download

Thodur Parthasarathy Sripriya, Mamandur Rangaswamy Srinivasan, and Meenakshisundaram Subbiah
Detecting outliers in I x J tables through the level of susceptibility.
Pages 25-40.  Download

Adolphus Wagala
A likelihood ratio test for correlated paired multivariate samples.
Pages 41-51.  Download

Josmar Mazucheli, Sudeep R. Bapat, and Andre Felipe B. Menezes
A new one-parameter unit-Lindley distribution.
Pages 53-67.  Download

Volume 10, Number 2, December 2019

Editorial Board and papers
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Víctor Leiva
"Chilean Journal of Statistics'': An international scientific forum committed to gender equality, open access, and the new era of information.
Pages 95-98.  Download

Paulo H. Ferreira, Taciana K.O. Shimizu, Adriano K. Suzuki, and Francisco Louzada
On an asymmetric extension of the tobit model based on the tilted-normal distribution.
Pages 99-122.  Download

Eduardo Horta and Flavio Ziegelmann
Mixing conditions of conjugate processes.
Pages 123-129.  Download

Guilherme Parreira da Silva, Cesar Augusto Taconeli, Walmes Marques Zeviani, and Isadora Aparecida Sprengoski do Nascimento
Performance of Shewhart control charts based on neoteric ranked set sampling to monitor the process mean for normal and non-normal processes.
Pages 131-154.  Download

Lucas Pereira Lopes, Vicente Garibay Cancho, and Francisco Louzada
GARCH-in-mean models with asymmetric variance processes for bivariate European option evaluation.
Pages 155-176.  Download

Boubaker Mechab, Nesrine Hamidi, and Samir Benaissa
Nonparametric estimation of the relative error in functional regression and censored data.
Pages 177-195.  Download

Volume 10, Number 1, April 2019

Editorial Board and papers
Full issue
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Víctor Leiva
"Chilean Journal of Statistics'' Ten years after its launch: A message from the new Editor-in-Chief.
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Jhonnata B. de Carvalho, Murilo C. Silva, George F. von Borries, André L.S. de Pinho and Ricardo F. von Borries
A combined Fourier analysis and support vector machine for EEG classification.
Pages 3-20.  Download

Luis Benites, Rocío Maehara, Victor H. Lachos and Heleno Bolfarine
Linear regression models using finite mixtures of skew heavy-tailed distributions.
Pages 21-40.  Download

Ednário Mendonça, Michelli Barros and Joelson Campos
Goodness-of-fit test for the Birnbaum-Saunders distribution based on the Kullback-Leibler information.
Pages 41-53.  Download

Nathalia L. Chaves, Caio L. N. Azevedo, Filidor Vilca-Labra and Juvêncio S. Nobre
A new Birnbaum-Saunders type distribution based on the skew-normal model under a centered parameterization.
Pages 55-76.  Download

Gauss M. Cordeiro, M. Mansoor and Serge B. Provost
The Harris extended Lindley distribution for modeling hydrological data.
Pages 77-94.  Download

Volume 9, Number 2, September 2018

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Bonat, W.H., Lopes, J.E., Shimakura, S.E. and Ribeiro, P.J.
Likelihood analysis for a class of simplex mixed models.
Pages 3-17.  Download

Pereira, A., Campos, V., Roveda, J., Santana, F. and de Medeiros, F.
Convergence analysis of an elitist non-homogeneous genetic algorithm with crossover/mutation probabilities adjusted by a fuzzy controller.
Pages 19-32.  Download

Louzada, F., Shimizu, T.K.O., Suzuki, A.K., Mazucheli, J. and Ferreira, P.H.
Compositional regression modeling under tilted normal errors: An application to a Brazilian Super League Volleyball data set.
Pages 33-53.  Download

Nikooravesh, Z.
Estimation of the probability function under special moments conditions using the maximum Shannon and Tsallis entropies.
Pages 55-64.  Download

Volume 9, Number 1, April 2018

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Chun, Y. and Griffith, D.A.
Impacts of negative spatial autocorrelation on frequency distributions.
Pages 3-17.  Download

Montoril, M.H. and Ferreira, C.S.
On the estimation of change points in the Beer-Lambert law problem.
Pages 19-32.  Download

Súarez-Espinosa, J., Villaseñor-Alva, J.A., Hurtado-Jaramillo, A. and Pérez-Rodríguez, P.
A goodness of fit test for the Pareto distribution.
Pages 33-46.  Download

Mazucheli, J., Menezes, A.F.B. and Dey, S.
The unit-Birnbaum-Saunders distribution with applications.
Pages 47-57.  Download

Correa, J.C.M., Barrera-Causil, C. and Marmolejo-Ramos, F.
The next winner of the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be...: An illustration of the use of statistical simulation to make a prediction in a complex tournament.
Pages 59-65.  Download

Volume 8, Number 2, September 2017

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Taddeo, M.M. and Morettin, P.A.
Analysis of single-index models with scale mixture of normals errors by using Bayesian P-splines.
Pages 3-23.  Download

Saraiva, E.F. and Suzuki, A.K.
Bayesian computational methods for estimation of two-parameters Weibull distribution in presence of right-censored data.
Pages 25-43.  Download

Leão, J., Balakrishnan, N., Saulo, H. and Tomazella, V.
Estimation for a family of skew scale-mixture distributions.
Pages 45-64.  Download

Afify, A.Z., Altum, E., Alizadeh, M., Ozel, G. and Hamedani, G.G.
The odd exponentiated half-logistic-G family: Properties, characterizations and applications.
Pages 65-91.  Download

Volume 8, Number 1, April 2017

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Schmidt, A.M., de Moraes, C.P. and Migon, H.S.
A hierarchical mixture beta dynamic model of school performance in the Brazilian mathematical olympiads for public schools.
Pages 3-24.  Download

Vigas, V.P., Silva, G.O. and Louzada, F.
The Poisson-Weibull regression model.
Pages 25-51.  Download

Vélez, J.I. and Marmolejo-Ramos, F.
Extension of a graphical diagnostic test for contingency tables.
Pages 53-65.  Download

Alizadeh, M., MirMostafaee, S.M.T.K. and Ghosh, I.
A new extension of power Lindley distribution for analyzing bimodal data.
Pages 67-86.  Download

Kumar, A.J. and Tripathy, M.R.
Estimating ordered scale parameters of two exponential populations with a common location under type-II censoring.
Pages 87-101.  Download

Volume 7, Number 2, September 2016

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Case, B.S., Buckley, H.L., Barker Plotkin, A. and Ellison, A. M.
Using codispersion analysis to quantify temporal changes in the spatial pattern of forest stand structure.
Pages 3-15.  Download

Mazucheli, J., Coelho-Barros, E.A. and Louzada, F.
On the hypothesis testing for the weighted Lindley distribution.
Pages 17-27.  Download

Cordeiro, G.M., Alizadeh, M., Nascimento, A.D.C. and Rasekhi, M.
The exponentiated Gompertz generalized family of distributions: Properties and applications.
Pages 29-50.  Download

da Silva, N. B., Amorim, L.D.A.F., Colosimo, E.A. and Heller, L.
Modeling ordinal longitudinal outcomes: An applied perspective of marginal and conditional approaches.
Pages 51-68.  Download |  Supplementary Material

Dattatreya Rao, A.V., Girija, S.V.S. and Phani, Y.
Stereographic logistic model - Application to noisy scrub birds data.
Pages 69-79.  Download

Volume 7, Number 1, April 2016

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Marciano, F.W.P., Blas, B.G.A. and Cysneiros, F.J.A.
Symmetrical linear calibration model to replicated data.
Pages 3-16.  Download

Fonseca, R.V., Nobre, J.S. and Farias, R.B.A.
Comparative inference and diagnostic in a reparametrized Birnbaum-Saunders regression model.
Pages 17-30.  Download

Giampaoli, V., Tamura, K.A., Caro, N.P. and de Araujo, L.J.S.
Prediction of a financial crisis in Latin American companies using the mixed logistic regression model.
Pages 31-41.  Download

Mandowara, V.L. and Nitu Mehta (Ranka)
On the improvement of product method of estimation in ranked set sampling.
Pages 43-53.  Download

Alzaid, A.A., Omair, M.A. and Alhadlaq, W.M.
Bernoulli difference time series models.
Pages 55-65.  Download

Volume 6, Number 2, September 2015

Manuel Galea
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Gómez-Déniz, E. and Enrique Calderín-Ojeda, E.
Credibility premiums for natural exponential family and general 0-1 loss function.
Pages 3-17.  Download

Gyan Prakash, G.
Bayes prediction bound lengths for a repairable system.
Pages 19-30.  Download

Ibrahim Elbatal, I. and Aryal, G.
Transmuted Dagum distribution with applications.
Pages 31-45.  Download

Tsagris, M.
Regression analysis with compositional data containing zero values.
Pages 47-57.  Download

Sharma, P., Verma, H.K., and Singh, R.
An efficient class of estimators using two auxiliary attributes.
Pages 59-68.  Download

Vishwakarma, G.K. and Kumar, M.
A general family of dual to ratio-cum-product estimators of population mean in simple random sampling.
Pages 69-79.  Download

Vallejos, R.O. and Ojeda, S.M.
A conversation with Oscar Bustos. (Comments from Jorge G. Adrover, Hector Allende O. and Alejandro C. Frery).
Pages 81-100.  Download

Volume 6, Number 1, April 2015

Manuel Galea
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Bonat, W.H., Ribeiro Jr, P.J. and Silvia Emiko Shimakura, S.E.
Bayesian analysis for a class of beta mixed models.
Pages 3-13.  Download

Holst, R. and Jørgensen, B.
Generalized linear longitudinal mixed models with linear covariance structure and multiplicative random effects.
Pages 15-36.  Download

Cordeiro, G.M., Aristizábal, W.D., Suárez, D.M. and Lozano, S.
The gamma modified Weibull distribution.
Pages 37-48.  Download

Javed, F. and Mantalos, P.
Sensitivity of the causality in variance tests to GARCH(1,1) processes.
Pages 49-65.  Download

Rezac, J., Lio, Y.L. and Jiang, N.
Burr type-XII percentile control charts.
Pages 67-87.  Download

Rau, C.
Letter to the Editor on the paper "Stochastic representations and a geometric parametrization of the two-dimensional Gaussian law" by Dietrich, Kalke, and Richter, published in the Chilean Journal of Statistics, Vol. 4, No. 2, September 2013, 27-59 [comment on MR3120428].
Pages 89-91.  Download

Volume 5, Number 2, September 2014

Manuel Galea
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Liang, Y., Sun, D., He, C. and Schootman, M.
Modeling bounded outcome scores using the binomial-logit-normal distribution.
Pages 3-14.  Download

Grover, G., Seth, D., Ravi, V. and Swain, P.K.
A multistate Markov model for the progression of liver cirrhosis in the presence of various prognostic factors.
Pages 15-27.  Download

Milani, E.A., Diniz, C.A.R. and Tomazella, V.L.D.
Generalized time-dependent complement log-log model.
Pages 29-44.  Download

Sharma, P. and Singh, R.
Improved dual to variance ratio type estimators for population variance.
Pages 45-54.  Download

Elsherpieny, E.A., Ibrahim, S.A. and Bedar, R.E.
A new bivariate distribution with log-exponentiated Kumaraswamy marginals.
Pages 55-69.  Download

Richter, W.-D. and Venz, J.
Geometric representations of multivariate skewed elliptically contoured distributions.
Pages 71-90.  Download

Volume 5, Number 1, April 2014

Manuel Galea
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Monti, A.C. and Fucci, R.
Sub-model identification in the context of flexible distributions obtained by perturbation of symmetric densities.
Pages 3-18.  Download

Aykroyd, R.G. and Al-Gezeri, S.M.
3D modelling and Depth Estimation in Archaeological Geophysics.
Pages 19-35.  Download

Louzada, F. and Cavali, W.
On a double reparametrization for accelerated lifetime testing.
Pages 37-48.  Download

Kumar, S.
Estimation of the ratio, product and mean using multi auxiliary variables in the presence of non-response.
Pages 49-72.  Download

Cirillo, M.A. and Ramos, P.S.
Goodness-of-fit tests for modified multinomial logit models.
Pages 73-85.  Download

Al-Rawwash, M., Alodat, M.T. and Odat, N.
Normal population parameters estimation using moving ranked set sampling: Grassland biodiversity application.
Pages 87-101.  Download

Nayeban, S., Roknabadi, A.H.R., and Borzadaran, G.R.M.
Comparative study of Bhattacharyya and Kshirsagar bounds in Burr XII and Burr III distributions.
Pages 103-118.  Download

Volume 4, Number 2, September 2013

Manuel Galea
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Percontini, A., Blas, B. and Cordeiro, G.M.
The beta Weibull Poisson distribution.
Pages 3-26.  Download

Dietrich, T., Kalke, S. and Richter, W.-D.
Stochastic representations and a geometric parametrization of the two-dimensional Gaussian law.
Pages 27-59.  Download

Hmood, M.Y. and Stadtmüller, U.
A new version of local linear estimators.
Pages 61-74.  Download

Fuentes-García, R.
Model-based clustering using submixtures of Gaussian Distributions.
Pages 75-94.  Download

Calsavara, V.F., Tomazella, V.L.D. and Fogo, J.C.
The effect of frailty term in the standard mixture model.
Pages 95-109.  Download

Leão, J., Saulo, H., Bourguignon, M., Cintra, R., Rêgo, L. and Cordeiro, G.M.
On some properties of the beta inverse Rayleigh distribution.
Pages 111-131.  Download

Ferreira, G., Olea, R. and Palma, W.
Statistical analysis of locally stationary processes.
Pages 133-149.  Download

Volume 4, Number 1, April 2013

Manuel Galea
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Solanki, R.S. and Singh, H.P.
Improved estimation of population mean using population proportion of an auxiliary character.
Pages 3-17.  Download

Giles, D.E.
Exact asymptotic goodness-of-fit testing for discrete circular data with applications.
Pages 19-34.  Download

Sánchez, L. and Infante, S.
Reconstruction of chaotic dynamic systems using non-linear filters.
Pages 35-54.  Download

Fard, M.N.P. and Holmquist, B.
Powerful goodness-of-fit tests for the extreme value distribution.
Pages 55-67.  Download

de Leon, A.R., Mahmoodian, H. and Jamalizadeh, A.
Distributional results for L-statistics based on random vectors with multivariate elliptical distributions.
Pages 69-85.  Download

Ferreira, M.
A study of exponential-type tails applied to Birnbaum-Saunders models.
Pages 87-97.  Download

Tomazella, V.L.D., Cancho, V.G. and Louzada, F.
Bayesian reference analysis for the Poisson-exponential lifetime distribution.
Pages 99-113.  Download

Volume 3, Number 2, September 2012

Márcia D'Elia Branco and Marc G. Genton
A message from the guest editors.

Azzalini, A. and Regoli, G.
The work of Fernando de Helguero on non-normality arising from selection.
Pages 113-128.  Download

Hernández-Sánchez, E. and Scarpa, B.
A wrapped flexible generalized skew-normal model for a bimodal circular distribution of wind directions.
Pages 129-141.  Download

Prates, M.O., Dey, D.K. and Lachos, V.H.
A dengue fever study in the state of Rio de Janeiro with the use of generalized skew-normal/independent spatial fields.
Pages 143-155.  Download

Minozzo, M. and Ferracuti, L.
On the existence of some skew-normal stationary processes.
Pages 157-170.  Download

Genton, M.G. and Zhang, H.
Identifiability problems in some non-Gaussian spatial random fields.
Pages 171-179.  Download

Pacillo, S.
Selection of conditional independence graph models when the distribution is extended skew normal.
Pages 181-192.  Download

Arellano-Valle, R.B. and Richter, W.-D.
On skewed continuous ln,p-symmetric distributions.
Pages 191-212.  Download

Volume 3, Number 1, April 2012

Reinaldo Arellano-Valle
A message from the Editor-in-Chief.

Batanero, C. and Díaz, C.
Training school teachers to teach probability: reflections and challenges.
Pages 3-13.  Download

Guglielmi, A., Ieva, F., Paganoni, A.M. and Ruggeri, F.
A Bayesian random-effects model for survival probabilities after acute myocardial infarction.
Pages 15-29.  Download

Chesneau, C. and Hosseinioun, N.
On the wavelet estimation of a function in a density model with non-identically distributed observations.
Pages 31-42.  Download

Mahmoudvand, R. and Zokaei, M.
On the singular values of the Hankel matrix with application in singular spectrum analysis.
Pages 43-56.  Download

Pinho, L.G.B, Nobre, J.S. and de Freitas, S.M.
On linear mixed models and their influence diagnostics applied to an actuarial problem.
Pages 57-73.  Download

Florencio, L., Cribari-Neto, F. and Raydonal Ospina, R.
Real estate appraisal of land lots using GAMLSS models.
Pages 75-91.  Download

Dey, A.K. and Kundu, D.
Discriminating between the bivariate generalized exponential and bivariate Weibull distributions.
Pages 93-110.  Download

Volume 2, Number 2, September 2011

Ronny Vallejos
A message from the guest editor.

Griffith, D.
Positive spatial autocorrelation impacts on attribute variable frequency distributions.
Pages 3-28.  Download

Borssoi, J.A., De Bastiani, F., Uribe-Opazo, M.A. and Galea, M.
Local influence of explanatory variables in Gaussian spatial linear models.
Pages 29-38.  Download

Guedes, L.P.C, Ribeiro Jr, P.J., De Stefano, S.M. and Uribe-Opazo, M.A.
Optimization of spatial sample configurations using hybrid genetic algorithm and simulated annealing.
Pages 39-50.  Download

da Silva, R.D., Schwartz, W.R. and Pedrini, H.
Image segmentation based on wavelet feature descriptor and dimensionality reduction applied to remote sensing.
Pages 51-60.  Download

da Silva, R.D., Schwartz, W.R., Minghim, R. and Pedrini, H.
Construction of triangle meshes from images at multiple scales based on median error metric.
Pages 61-68.  Download

Clara Quintana, C., Silvia Ojeda, Germán Tirao and Mauro Valente
Mammography image detection processing for automatic micro-calcification recognition.
Pages 69-79.  Download

Volume 2, Number 1, April 2011

Víctor Leiva
A message from the executive editor.

Sen, P.K., Salama, I.A. and Quade, D.
Spearman's footrule: asymptotics in applications.
Pages 3-20.  Download

Díaz-García, J.A. and Gutiérrez-Jáimez, R.
A note on zonal polynomials.
Pages 21-30.  Download

Cobb, G.W.
Teaching statistics: some important tensions.
Pages 31-62.  Download

García-Luengo, A.V. and Casado, I.O.
The non-response in the change of mean and the sum of mean for current occasion in sampling on two occasions.
Pages 63-84.  Download

Aslam, M., Jun, C.-H., Lee, H., Ahmad, M. and Rasool, M.
Improved group sampling plans based on time-truncated life tests.
Pages 85-97.  Download

Azevedo, C. and Oliveira, P.E.
On the kernel estimation of a multivariate distribution function under positive dependence.
Pages 99-113.  Download

Castro-Kuriss, C.
On a goodness-of-fit test for censored data from a location-scale distribution with applications.
Pages 115-136.  Download

Volume 1, Number 2, September 2010

Eduardo Gutiérrez-Peña and Manuel Mendoza
A message from the guest editors.

Arellano-Valle, R.B., Bolfarine, H., Iglesias, P.L and Paola Viviani, P.
Portfolio selection: an application to the Chilean stock market.
Pages 3-15.  Download

Ignacio Vidal, I. and Castro, L.M.
Influential observations in the independent Student-t measurement error model with weak nondifferential error.
Pages 17-34.  Download

Quintana, F.
Linear regression with a dependent skewed Dirichlet process.
Pages 35-49.  Download

Ruggeri, F.
Nonparametric Bayesian robustness.
Pages 51-68.  Download

San Martín, E. and González, J.
Bayesian identifiability: contributions to an inconclusive debate.
Pages 69-91.  Download

Loschi, R.H., Pontel, J.G. and Cruz, F.R.B.
Multiple change-point analysis for linear regression models.
Pages 93-112.  Download

Galea, M. and Vilca, F.
Hypotheses testing for comparing means and variances of correlated responses in the symmetric non-normal case.
Pages 113-123.  Download

Volume 1, Number 1, April 2010

Rosangela H. Loschi and Márcia D. Branco
A message from the guest editors.

Del Pino, G. and Icaza, G.
Pilar Iglesias: A life of contributions to statistics.
Pages 5-16.  Download

Arellano-Valle, R.B. and Genton, M.G.
Multivariate unified skew-elliptical distributions.
Pages 17-34.  Download

Mendoza, M. and Gutiérrez-Peña, E.
Some thoughts on the Bayesian robustness of location-scale modelsl.
Pages 35-58.  Download

Yang, Y., Müller, P. and Rosner, G.L.
Semiparametric Bayesian inference for repeated fractional measurement data.
Pages 59-74.  Download

Gaioni, E., Dey, D. and Ruggeri, F.
Bayesian modeling of flash floods using generalized extreme value distribution with prior elicitation.
Pages 75-90.  Download

Varuzza, L. and Pereira, C.A.B.
Significance test for comparing digital gene expression profiles: Partial likelihood application.
Pages 91-102.  Download